What Is It About Whitetail?

How can one animal cause a grown man to tremble and shake and salivate and get his heart pumping 160 beats a minute? How can one little deer cause a person to spend thousands of dollars on protein feeders, food plots, leases and hundreds of hours prepping his hunting area, […]


The Safari That Changed My Life

My very first African safari took me to Omay, Zimbabwe for a hunt alongside my father on the shores of Lake Kariba -it was here that I finally felt the feeling of home.  


Don’t Discredit the Little Things

As my friend snickered under his breath, I knew he thought I was crazy for expressing my love to hunt pygmy antelope –species like klipspringer duiker, dik dik, suni, etc.  It’s a common reaction by people who often refer to them as ‘rat’ or ‘baby’. But hunt them and you’ll […]


The Simple Life

We Americans are so very lucky. We have computers, electricity, heating and air conditioning, flush toilets, hot and cold water and Wal-Mart! We each have a car, a television in every room and many American children know no different.  We want more, and we strive for more, and we work […]


Hunters ARE Animal Lovers

Hunters ARE animal lovers; sounds surprising to some, but we hunt where they live, appreciate their family units, cunning hunting methods, and intimately observe them in their true environment. Hunters respect and appreciate wildlife in an entirely different way… in the wild!   I received a “cause invitation” on Facebook […]


Trophy Scoring and it’s Purpose

I am a measurer for Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, Rowland Ward and certified to instruct as a Master Measurer for Safari Club International. Needless to say I’ve become quite familiar with the various methods and positive impact trophy scoring holds.  


Hunters: Stand Together

In the hunting industry I often hear that bow hunters are the ‘true definition of hunter’ or that muzzleloader hunters embrace the ‘authentic hunting heritage’, or rifle hunters are ‘unsurpassed at effective immediate harvest’. Each type of hunter deems their method superior -many of which discredit the alternative hunting method. […]